Copy + Calculate + Paste

Copy the expression - Press the Calculate hotkey - Paste the result. It is that easy!

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1 Copy expression to clipboard

Copy a mathematical expression to the clipboard. You can do this in virtually any Windows program.

2 Press calculate hotkey

Press the calculation hotkey to calculate the expression on the clipboard. The default hotkey is Ctrl+Win+C.

3 Paste the result

The result of the calculation is now on the clipboard. You can paste it anywhere you like.


The clipboard calculator is very easy to install. It runs on all Windows version from Windows XP to Windows 8. It also works in the Windows 8 Metro style interface.

Just download the setup program and run it. When the Clipboard Calculator is running, you can copy a mathematical expression to the clipboard. When the expression is on the clipboard, you press the calculation hotkey (Ctrl+Win+C is default). Now, you paste the result where you want it. It is that simple!