User Guide

Let me show you how to use the Clipboard Calculator once you have it installed.

System Tray

You can see that the Clipboard Calculator is running in the system tray. A small icon is used to access the configuration and show tips.

On some computers, the system tray icons must be enabled before they are shown. There is a small icon in the system tray that lets you configure which icons are shown.


When you want to calculate something, you simply mark it and copy it to the clipboard.


Then you press the selected calculation keyboard hotkey and paste the result back where you want it.

The program changed the content of your clipboard from an expression to a result. It is that easy!


You can bring up the option dialog by double clicking the icon in the system tray.

Max Decimals

When a result is put on the clipboard, it will contain the maximum of decimals you specify here.

Load at Startup

By default, the program will start when you log in to Windows. That way your calculation hotkey will always be available. If you for some reason do not want this then you can disable it here.

You can always start the program from the start menu, when the program is set not to run at startup.


You can change the hotkey if you prefer a different one.

Put in the letter and check the boxes for the control keys you want to use in combination with the specified letter.